The Pioneer Florida Museum & Village

On display are tools of the Florida Pioneer Man, showing how he built his house, made his furniture, plowed his fields, harvested his crops, and did his leatherwork and blacksmithing. Also the Trilby Depot, the Lacoochee one-room schoolhouse, is a 100-year-old building. Methodist Church from Enterprise and the two-story 1864 restored Overstreet House. On display in the Overstreet House and kitchen addition are furnishings that reflect the Florida Pioneer Woman's everyday experiences - churning butter, cooking on a wood-burning stove, spinning, weaving, battling and boiling the family wash and doing her household tasks with simple, primitive equipment. The Pioneer Florida Museum hopes to show that the men and women who were here before us, struggled, made do , and sometimes won and sometimes lost their battles with nature. In essence, they were people much like us. Covered meeting facility available for up to 300 guests. Best for wedding receptions, family reunions and company picnics.



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