Courtney Campbell Scenic Highway

The Courtney Campbell Causeway is a testament to modern society and nature co-existing in a mutually beneficial manner. The Courtney Campbell Causeway is a vital artery in the body that is Tampa Bay, providing a vital link to the cities of Tampa and Clearwater. It is a porthole to a globally important and unique ecosystem.

This byway is literally alive through its self-created ecosystem and the numerous species of wildlife that depend on the causeway for food, shelter, and breeding. Not only does the corridor house wildlife, it also is a haven and destination for people to enjoy themselves. The scenic highway running at sea level along the Bay is a gorgeous scenic drive for the entire length.
Florida Scenic Highways are often referred to as “byways.” One of the main requirements of scenic byway designation is that it show one or more of six key intrinsic qualities: Historic, Archaeological, Scenic, Cultural, Natural, and Recreational. Learn more about the Florida Scenic Highway program at


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Less than 1 hour


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