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First Floridians: First Americans Conference 2015 will be held in Monticello, FL on Oct. 1,2,3, 2015. Scholars will explain the pre-history of Jefferson County as revealed by the archaeological digs in the Aucilla Basin, several Spanish Mission sites and Paleolithic sites more than 14, 400 years old. Mary Glowacki, Florida’s State Archaeologist, Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian, Michael Water of the Center for the First Americans at Texas A&M, Lee Newsom and other archaeologists, anthropologists, historians familiar with these sites will make presentations with Q&A. Displays of artifacts found in local digs will be included. We will publish the Conference proceedings this year. Contact: Anne H. Holt, Ph.D—Phone: 850-576-0721 or email Web site: or



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