Seacrest Wolf Preserve

Seacrest Wolf Preserve offers the rarest opportunity in the lower 48 states, Alaska, or Canada, to experience wolves up close and personal. This unforgettable adventure takes visitors on walking tours through large 2 & 3 acre natural habitats that are home to Gray, Arctic, and British Columbian wolves. Visitors become part of the pack as they have exciting hands on interaction with the wolves and join in the great wolf howl. As visitors pose by the wolf den with the wolves, they are offered an extraordinary opportunity for photos with pure wolves. This amazing tour includes valuable scientific information about the wolves, and humorous and moving stories of the wolf families that call Seacrest home. Along the way, visitors are sure to have their hearts stolen by one of the Seacrest wolves that they encounter. The tour provides participants with knee issues rustic logs to sit on and includes a break mid-way through the tour for restrooms and concessions. The Seacrest gift shop offers fun shopping opportunities for all things "Wolfy" including unique wildlife and Native American jewelry, clothing, hats, wolf collectibles and much more. Wolf Encounter Tours last approximately 2 to 4 hours. IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING the Wolf Encounters, Seacrest offers a SMALL ANIMAL ADVENTURE for all ages. Participants become acquainted and take photos with the beautiful and adorable Arctic Fox ambassadors Frosty, Sitka, & Lucy and are amused as they run in and out of their den. Lucy loves to share her hidden toys with the visitors in her enclosure. Feeding the hilarious Raccoons Bandit, Cricket & Crackers is a hit with all ages. Hugging and cuddling with the Skunks Tulip, Casanova, Sparkle, Buttercup & Clover will have hearts soaring. The stunning Gray Fox Meko, is captivating, as is Onyx the beautiful Silver Fox. Meet Pecos the coyote and Sunny Hills Bill or "Billie", the resident groundhog. ****NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 6 IS PERMITTED INSIDE THE WOLF ENCLOSURES***** ****ALL AGES ARE PREMITTED TO GO ON THE SMALL ANIMAL ADVENTURE, which begins at the end of the wolf encounter tour**** YOU MUST CONTACT THE WOLF PRESERVE TO BOOK YOUR TOUR AND TO RECEIVE IMPORTANT TOUR INFORMATION!



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