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Dade City Zoo is like no other ZOO. You can hold a tiger cub or gator, have monkeys jumping and eating from your hands, overcome your fears a pet a coyote or hold a snake, be mesmerized by a gator staring or feed and pet a sloth. Exciting option to feed a 1000 lb tiger or feed endangered jaguars as you see the spots on the black panther. Watch a full grown lion gently take a egg from you. But the ultimate is to brave the waters and swim with a gator and tiger.
Our Zoo is 22 acres of wonderful animals and botanical gardens to explore by our Sunken Jungle Trek or Jungle Safari Ride which comes with a great time feeding American Bison.
Your experience here understanding these awesome animals and learning the Conservation Issues that are effecting them in the Wild will teach you the many areas you too can help the wild species populations.
So Come enjoy and Get Closer to the Animals at Dade City's Wild Things
Dade City's Wild Things was started in 1997 as a wildlife rescue and as the needs arose we became a non profit Rescue.
Soon our mission started to include Conservation and we have grown into an Internationally known Zoo.
Allot of guest ask how we got started and I have to say its a great question. We did not start out with the thoughts to have a 300 animal Zoo and growing. One day we just woke up and realized WOW we are a ZOO.
We help other Zoos in the US acquire animals like tigers and we started our Endangered Species Conservation Fund. The goat of our ESCF is to enhance wild species populations through the support of wildlife Conservation Projects including native education programs, maintenance of genetically representative viable populations of captive wildlife as well as genetic studies and testings and the education of the public about conservation issues through the use of animal ambassadors.

We are excited to watch our guest develop the same passion.




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