Clam Pass Beach Park

Clam Pass Park is a beautiful beach access point in the North Naples area of Collier County, Florida. Clam Pass Park has 175 public parking spaces, which are free to visitors who have a beach parking sticker.

Clam Pass Park is located in the North Naples area, one of the most populated sections of Collier County.

This park is also one of the most popular beach access points much like Vanderbilt Beach. Clam Pass boasts 35 acres of coastal habitat and preserves that habitat by providing beach access from a three-quarter-mile boardwalk to the sandy beach.

The board walk is a destination itself for those adventurists who love a quiet nature walk. Butterflies flutter around the beautiful green backdrop and very often families can be seen taking in a relaxing afternoon in the area.

The boardwalk runs through a mangrove forest of salt-tolerant red, white and black mangroves. It also has a tidal bay area that acts as a breeding ground and nusery for marine life, wildlife, specifically many species of birds.

Clam Pass Park abounds with wading shorebirds, eagles, hawks and osprey.



Birding, Canoeing, Water Recreation