Monument to the Women of the Confederacy

It was during a 1900 Florida reunion of the United Confederate Veterans (UCV) that serious discussion of the possibility of a memorial to the Women of the Confederacy developed, and in 1901 the Florida Division of the UCV formally resolved to build such a monument. Dignan Park in the City of Jacksonville was selected as the monument site and UCV members raised $12,000, almost half the purchase price, with the Florida legislature providing the balance. The project got underway with the contracting of one of the nation's leading sculptors, Allen Newman. Construction on the 45-foot high rotunda began in July 1912. The installation of Newman's sculptures took place in mid-1915, and the formal dedication occurred in October 1915. Also in the park is a historical marker erected by the Sons of Confederate Veterans commemorating the May 1914 national reunion of Confederate veterans which drew an estimated 70,000 visitors to Jacksonville, including 8,000 veterans, many of whom camped in tents in Dignan Park. To commemorate the event, the City of Jacksonville changed the park name to Confederate Park in October 1914.