Fort Meade Chamber of Commerce

Fort Meade is Polk County's oldest city and is nestled close to Peace River. The city is surrounded by citrus groves and pastures of grazing cattle. Family parks, kayak and canoe trips down the river, enjoying the hometown feel of an "old Florida" community are just some of the qualities of Fort Meade, which is the population center of the state and very close to the center of Florida.
The Chamber of Commerce is proud to host the Peace River Folk Festival in May, which celebrates the cultural heritage of Central Florida. The Chamber also has numerous monthly activities to bring folks together, such as DownTown Saturday Night held each month on the 4th Saturday. Likewise, the Mercantile Emporium Street Sale is held each 3rd Saturday from 8 to noon.
Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine Club calls Fort Meade home and draws thousands to its three-show season each year. And just a stone's throw away is the Alafia Rendevouz held in Homeland which depicts life on the northwestern plains in pre-1840 America.
Mosaic's Streamsong Resort will be complete in 2012 just west of Fort Meade and will be a sterling example Central Florida's natural beauty, as it presents world class golf courses, outdoor sporting, spa and entertainment.


Hours of Operation

Hours: 10 - 3