The Grove

Constructed in the 1830s, this house was the residence of Richard Keith Call, two-time Florida Territorial Governor and an ardent Unionist who openly and strongly opposed secession. When informed in January 1861 by jubilant secessionists that Florida had withdrawn from the Union, Call is said to have prophetically replied, "You have opened the gates of Hell, from which shall flow the curses of the damned which shall sink you to perdition!" Call died in 1862 at The Grove and was buried in the family cemetery behind the house. His daughter, Ellen Call Long, remained at The Grove during the Civil War while her son, Richard Call Long, served in the Confederate 2nd and 5th Florida Cavalry. In 1883, she published her historical memoir, Florida Breezes, which provides unique details of antebellum and Civil War events in Florida. Owned by the State of Florida, the property is undergoing restoration, and is scheduled to open to the public as an educational center and history museum in late 2012.