Kayak Nature Adventures

Throughout the year come out and see nature’s inhabitants go about their daily activities. The majestic American Egret glides effortlessly over the mangroves… In the distance and Osprey calls… a dolphin chases his dinner through the shallows… the Otter scoots to the top of the shell mound and gazes intently at the world around him… the Night Heron gazes intently as you glide silently by… For the photographer, sightseer, bird watcher and nature lover, or if you just like to paddle around, look and listen, KAYAK NATURE ADVENTURES will open up new avenues of enjoyment for you and all who would come to enjoy its treasures! We offer kayak & SUP paddleboard rental,and guided tours 7 days a week! RESERVATIONS REQUIRED FREE LESSONS WITH EVERY RENTAL! Our website has lots of stories to tell with pictures and videos too. Take some time and look around. Feel free to send us an email or comments CALL TODAY AND LET YOUR NEXT KAYAK & SUP PADDLEBOARD ADVENTURE BEGIN HERE!



Birding, Snorkeling, Water Recreation


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2 - 3 hours, Half day


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