Florida Scenic Highways Program

The Florida Scenic Highways Program was established to showcase the outstanding intrinsic resources (cultural, historic, archaeological, recreational, natural and scenic) that can be found along Florida’s highway system.
Our byway collection includes 26 state designated scenic highways. Of these, five are further designated at a federal level as National Scenic Byways, and the Florida Keys Scenic Highway is the only byway in Florida designated as an All American Road.

The program is a grass-roots effort to heighten awareness of these resources which enhance the overall traveling experience in Florida. Program participation provides benefits to the community, such as resource preservation, enhancement and protection.Scenic Highways are often referred to as “byways” and sometimes as "corridors" or "scenic roads" - no matter what they are called, the roads in our FSHP collection are part of the Scenic Highways Program.

Anyone with an interest in their community can participate in this program, including citizens, civic groups, businesses and governments. To learn about becoming a byway, benefits, intrinsic resources, and much more, explore FSHP Community/Becoming a Byway on floridascenichighways.com.


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