Savage/Christmas Creek Preserve

The property consists of 14 natural communities. Hikers and equestrian users can experience the beauty of oak hammocks, the natural wonders of pine flatwoods, and the mystique of over 200 acres of forested wetlands habitat that flow water into Christmas Creek and the St. Johns River. The trails are well marked/blazed for your convenience and safety.
Wildlife is plentiful if you are quiet and looking for it. If not, you may still be pleasantly surprised by what pops up unexpectedly and crosses your path like a gopher tortoise, sandhill crane, fox squirrel, turkey, or deer. Hawks and various songbirds can be heard throughout the site while you are hiking and this site has been designated as a Great Florida Birding Trail. Fall is especially beautiful with all of the native wildflowers in bloom.

Trail Map

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Trail Information

Length of Trail (in miles): 7.3, Unpaved