I provide information about your unique bicycling adventure in the Florida Keys while you travel at your own pace. The terrain is flat, with only 42 bridges providing hills or elevation, so you are only limited by what you want to see and how much time you have for your bicycling vacation. Other sites can provide a schedule of events, information about things to do and accommodations in the Keys. But, only I can plan your bicycling trip so that it fits your goals and stays within your budget. I can help you decide the distance you'd like to travel and how long you will stay on each Key. I can also suggest and book accommodations from oceanside campsites to resorts, and restaurants for seafood, sushi, pasta, pizza or steak.
The Overseas Highway, also known as U.S. Highway 1, is a federally-designated All-American Road. This means it has certain historical, cultural and natural features that are unique within the USA. In short, it is a must-see, must-do adventure.
The weather, generally, is spectacular. You can count on sunshine, and a prevailing wind that will speed you on your way from Key Largo to Key West.
Carrying your own tire repair kit is a necessity. While gas stations, accommodations and restaurants are numerous, bike shops are few.
If you want to explore the Florida Keys by bicycle, then my website, www.BiketheKeys.net is for you. I am a former bike racer and triathlete that loves cycling the Florida Keys. Email or call me so we can start pedaling our way to adventure!