IFly Orlando

Want to know what skydiving feels like, without having to jump out of an airplane?.
IFLY Orlando is the closest you can get without having to make that fateful leap from thousands of feet above the earth. It's adrenaline without the risk! As one of Orlando's premiere attractions, the wind tunnel at IFLY Orlando is so authentic, professionals come from all over to practice and perfect their celestial acrobatics. Yet it's still safe enough for people of all ages to enjoy.
Your adventure begins with training by your flight instructor on how to use your body in the tunnel, as well as how to communicate with each other through signals. You then pick out your gear (flight suit, helmet, goggles, and other essentials) and head to the tunnel. Seniors, teens, even children as young as three years old have thrilled to the unique sensation of being airborne!



Buyout Available, Internet Connectivity - Wi-fi, Internet Connectivity - Wired, Multilingual Staff, Tables & Chairs

Average Visit Time

1 - 2 hours

Contact Information

Group Sales Email: sales.orlando@iflyworld.com, Group Sales Phone Number: 407-536-9100