Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings

I think you're going to find that Lawhorn's is like no other seasoning you have ever tried. This blend appeals to every cooking women and "grill-masters" (men) in America in some way, the versatility is just amazing. Take a look at our website and watch some videos of kids eating veggies for the 1st time!
We are a small company right now, looking for our big break in the food world. Our "small-town" seasoning blend really has an international flavor. In the words of countless Lawhorn's customers, our seasoning blend is simply remarkable. After you have a chance to cook something with it, I think you'll be a fan too. Who knows, maybe you can help us by doing a review one day?!
Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings has been featured in several news articles over the last year in The Lakeland Ledger, Orlando Sentinel, St. Pete Times, and Winter Haven News Chief here in Florida. They must know something's special with our product and story. I would like nothing more than for you and your staff to review our blend. We think we have a very special product like none you have ever cooked with, and our raving customer reactions tells me that we do.
In less than 2 years in the grocery business, we have garnered national distribution in Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets and Chamberlin's/Akins Natural Foods, and Southeastern distribution in Publix, Winn-Dixie, Whole Foods Markets, Bi-Lo Supermarkets, and Sweet Bay.Our national placements are growing day by day. We have been blessed beyond belief. I am a chef by trade, who never intended, nor could have dreamed that this blend would knock down so many doors in the grocery business and become a National brand!
Our blend is extraordinary with endless applications in the kitchen and on the grill outdoors. It contains 65-70% less sodium than most regular "seasoned salts" and all-purpose seasonings. Our blend is made from 100% All-Natural ingredients, and it's certified kosher too. The really revolutionary aspect of our blend is that it actually completely changes flavor profiles on virtually anything you cook with it! Our customers are stunned when they take that first taste. I urge you to visit our website at and learn more. Read our history for the complete story, and what a story it is! We have grocery demos we've filmed posted on our facebook and YouTube channel that are linked to our site. See for yourself how Lawhorn's Signature Seasonings dramatically affects 1st time tasters.


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