Military Heritage Museum

Visit the Military Heritage Museum at 900 W. Marion Ave. in Punta Gorda FL. Just a few steps away from Fishermen's Village, this magnificent building has over 17,000 sq. ft of exhibit and activity areas. One of our recent visitors describes the Museum experience best: “What an amazingly great experience! Locals and visitors of Punta Gorda need to put this new attraction to the top of their lists of things-to-do in town. Designed with the family in mind, there is always room to learn more about the relationship of us all and our U. S. military history. From inter-active displays from the Revolutionary War through the recent Gulf Wars, to hands on flight and land simulators, virtual reality adventures and missions, an extensive library, daily documentary showings in the 247-seat Gulf Theater, lectures, and movies throughout the museum, just go see for yourself...Su

On the first level, take a walk-through history through three unique galleries; from the Revolutionary War through modern conflicts. Visit the Hall of Heroes and its special Medal of Honor exhibit. With thousands of artifacts, graphics, videos, realistic dioramas and touch screens, the gallery experience is unparalleled in southwest Florida. On the second level become part of history through simulations and virtual reality utilizing our aircraft, tank, and range simulators. In the Advanced Individual Training School, “fly” a F-16 or P-51 Mustang, command the helm of a Navy destroyer, take a parachute jump, experience the laser range, or drive a tank – four incredible simulations and virtual reality experiences. The second level also includes the War Room, home of the Museum’s Kids Discovery Zone and virtual reality exhibits as well as the full-service Academy Library with its over 5000 books and publications and computer-interactive activities. Check out the beautiful 247-seat Gulf Theater and the many documentaries and shows held throughout the year. The Ships Store offers a wide variety military-themed caps, shirts and other souvenir items to help you remember your museum experience.



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