Charlotte County Blueways

The Charlotte County Blueway Trails are filled with unique opportunities to observe Southwest Florida’s native flora and fauna. Characteristics include a humid subtropical climate with an average annual temperature of 74.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The mild winter season lasts from January to March, the hottest summer months include July and August. The average rainfall per year is 49.53 inches. Winds are prevailing easterly with an average velocity of 12-18 mph. Along the western county boundary the Gulf of Mexico connects to an extensive estuarine system including, barrier islands, tidal creeks, estuary bays and Charlotte Harbor. A majority of the areas open water and estuaries are contained within three State designated aquatic preserves and are classified as Outstanding Florida Waters. With approximately 219 miles of coastline to explore, paddlers can get away from the hurried pace of day-to-day life and experience the natural wonders of the waters throughout Charlotte County at their own pace.

Trail Map

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Trail Information

Difficulty: Easy - moderate, Length of Trail (in miles): 219