Ford Fine Art

There are few private art galleries in the country where you can find major works by Benjamín Cañas, three decades of paintings by Armando Morales and large, vintage pieces by Alejandro Arostegui.

Plus significant works by Mexican masters Diego Rivera, Francisco Toledo, Jose Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Jose Luis Cuevas and Sofia Bassi. Not to mention South American masters Roberto Matta, Claudio Brava, Ignatio Iturria and Joaquin Torres-Garcia and Cuban masters Wifredo Lam, Tomas Sanchez and Oscar Garcia Rivera.

But you can find them all at Ford Fine Art in Delray Beach.

Ford Fine Art specializes in Latin American masters. Tucked away on NE 5th Avenue, two and a half blocks north of Atlantic Avenue, the gallery houses a unique and valuable collection of museum-quality art as well as works by talented newcomers.