Pellicer Creek Paddling Trail

The unspoiled pine forests of Faver-Dykes State Park and the 1,500-acre Princess Place Preserve make for scenic access points for this calm stream. More than 100 bird species, including colorful warblers, can be spotted during the spring and fall migrations. Eagles and falcons return to nest each year, and resident herons, egrets and wood storks can be seen year round. Both freshwater and saltwater fish can be caught in the stream. Pellicer Creek, formerly called Woodcutters Creek, was once home to a large timber mill. The waterway was used to haul timber and turpentine out to the Mantanzas River and onward to St. Augustine. The creek is named for Francisco Pellicer, an early Spanish resident of the area and owner of a large and prosperous plantation.
Due to its scenic nature, Pellicer Creek is a designated Florida paddling trail.

Trail Map

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Trail Information

Difficulty: Easy, Length of Trail (in miles): 6.7