AfriKin Foundation Inc

AfriKin (Africa + Kinship) presents events of both emerging and established artists in the following mediums in South Florida:

Culinary Arts – a collection of the finest in handcrafted world cuisines by notable chefs for the enjoyment of participants and patrons. Offerings include pairings and tastings to transport our guests through time and geographic spaces.

Fashion – AfriKin Fashion explores new frontiers of style, substance and quality through couture, street fashion and experimental photography. AfriKin Runway is for artists and designers whose works reflect trending global styles at a point where fashion becomes wearable art of self-expression born from everyday living, moods, and community influences.

Literary Art – AfriKin Literature — arts, humanities and sciences -(editing, critiquing, reviewing, teaching, writing and inclusive of works by authors on the human experience (an exploration of history, novels, poetry, science and spirituality).

Performing Arts – AfriKin Performance features singers, players of instruments, and dancers from various parts of the earth to provide a perspective on how different cultures occupying the same space and time converge. This expansive approach allows for the growth and progression of our music as a universal language, instrument of peace, producer of joy and teller of stories.

Visual Arts – AfriKin Art provides a platform through curated exhibitions that include digital art, fine art, multimedia, photography and works on paper. In addition to creating a space for core participants, AfriKin also creates an environment for budding collectors while presenting content that highlights trending movements. Exhibitions include works from Africa, the Americas, Asia, the “Black Aesthetic”, Indigenous works and Street Art.

Come and check out our programs while you are in South Florida.



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