Dolphin Research Tours LLC

Dolphin Research Tours offers a three hour boat tour for up to six passengers in the 10,000 Island Wilderness Preserve in Southwest Florida. We have been studying the local dolphins for 15 years and collect dolphin sighting data and photographs during our tour for The Dolphin Study, a 501(3)(c) nonprofit that works to protect local dolphins and has been conducting a dolphin photo-identification study since 2006. Visitors can participate in this citizen-science eco tour.

We are a great option for individuals and families looking for a memorable wildlife adventure. We go out of our way to engage children on our tours with fun science based activities. We also are committed to viewing dolphins and other wildlife in a respectful manner that does not add to the pressures they are experiencing.

Our trips include a stop on a barrier island where passengers can look for seashells or swim in the warm waters of The Gulf of Mexico.



Multilingual Staff

Average Visit Time

2 - 3 hours

Guest Information

Family Friendly, LGBTQ Friendly