The Florida Ridge Airsports Park

Welcome to The Florida Ridge, where serenity meets exhilaration with tandem motorless hang gliding. Experience free flight with some of the most dedicated and experienced pilots in the industry. We invite you to embark on the experience of a lifetime, soaring through the air thousands of feet above the ground. Ascend towards the clouds on your very own magic carpet ride, admiring the unparalled beauty of the South Florida landscape. With over 30 years in business we have dedicated our lives to ensuring that your adventure is one of a kind. This is the closest thing to flying like a bird that you can get! Invite your family, your friends, and share together the wonder and excitement of taking to the skies.



Hang gliding



Average Visit Time

2 - 3 hours

Guest Information

Family Friendly, LGBTQ Friendly, Wireless (Wi-Fi)