Full Range Paintball

You play outdoors, you’re masked, you’re not supposed to shoot others closer than 20ft - that’s pretty good social distancing! You love the thrill of paintball but wish there was less impact? Problem solved!

When many people think of paintball, they imagine young fit kids running, jumping, and diving behind things to avoid being hit by a paintball … and those same kids proudly displaying their marks of combat while bragging about how they got them. That type of play utilizes the Traditional .68 caliber high pressured air (HPA) gun. Fortunately, today there are other paintball gun choices. This is where low impact paintball comes in! Our players LOVE low impact paintball! The low impact paintballs are 27% smaller, are fired at 17% slower speed, and hit with 67% less energy … Little Pain and More Fun!!

Unlike traditional sports, genetic size or weight does not give you an advantage. The game is neutral to all players who want to enjoy the game. It is not just for Rambos. We cater to players of all skill levels from complete beginners to tournament level players. Regardless of your experience level or age, we have the paintball experience for you! From low impact rounds to challenging courses, you’ll find fun here! Great for birthday parties, team building, corporate events and bachelor or bachelorette parties or just fun with your family!

We clean and sanitize our equipment after every use. Only one person per day is ever allowed to use a mask - that's always been our policy. We will provide you sanitizing wipes to be able to wipe the equipment yourself prior to use. We also have new masks still in the original bags you can purchase. There is a hand washing station near the fields and an indoor restroom at the check-in area.


Average Visit Time

2 - 3 hours

Guest Information

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