Florida Podcast Network

Our Mission: “Celebrating Florida one voice at a time.”

Founder Jaime (“Jaime”) Legagneur of Flint Stone Media had a vision of propelling Florida’s prosperity forward through the power of podcasting! By creating a space where travel and tourism brands, small businesses, and enthused locals can showcase all that is unique about Florida. From the salt life to the swamp life and from its swing state status to its “Flori-duh” reputation, Legagneur hopes to help our great State continue to prosper.

Florida is such a diverse and, well, interesting place, and nothing here is EVER boring. Even our rest and relaxation ranges from theme parks to booze cruises, deep sea fishing to sky diving, and everything in between! But, through it all is woven some common threads: you have to go north to head south; we measure distance in minutes, not miles; and, flip-flops are appropriate at least 350 days a year.

So, whether a listeners is a local looking for his next staycation or visitors from distant lands craving our various flavors of adventure, our podcasts inspire and entertain the Floridian in everybody!!