Video: Pensacola Beach Goes to the Dogs

    By Lauren Tjaden

    Taking a road trip with me — particularly when I have abandoned the interstate and am exploring back roads — is a slow affair.

    I frequently stop and take pictures, and am inclined to jog down a road — just because it looks inviting — that has nothing to do with my intended destination.

    Such was the case leaving Pensacola Beach last weekend.

    My husband, Paul, and I were driving east on Hwy 399, a spectacular stretch of road that hugs the Gulf of Mexico, when I spotted a boardwalk that led to the beach.

    “Pull over.” I was practically salivating, grabbing for the camera.

    “Already?” Paul frowned but stood on the brake, long accustomed to my ways.

    I ditched my sandals and walked to the beach, smiling while my camera bumped around my neck. Paul obediently followed, shaking his head.

    Check out the video to see what we found.

    This white sand beach is sure to make anyone's tail wag!


    Check out info on Pensacola Beach’s dog beaches here. The west end park, located at the first parking lot past the last condos on the Gulf, is the one shown on the video.