Winter Solstice Native American Festival

Dec 15, 2018 -
Dec 16, 2018

2100 West Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, FL 32304
(850) 245-6406


Saturday, December 15, 2018 (10 am - 6 pm) &
Sunday, December 16, 2018 (10 am - 4 pm)

Join us at Florida’s Apalachee-Spanish Living History Museum for two days of Southeastern Native American dancing, music, crafts, cultural demonstrations, and storytelling. Also enjoy living history, sun scope viewing, archery, craft activities for kids, and more! Fun for all ages!

• Music:
Painted Raven
Rita Youngman
Flute music and more!

• Dances:
Warriors of AniKituhwa – Historic Cherokee War and Social Dances
Mississippi Band of Choctaw – Choctaw Social Dances
Lyndon Alec – hoop dancer from the Alabama-Couchette Tribe

• Craft vendors
• Storytelling
• Canoe carving demonstration by Pedro Zepeda, Seminole Tribe of Florida
• Cherokee blow dart gun demonstrations by the Warriors of AniKituhwa
• Craft and cultural demonstrations by members of the Apalachee Indian Nation
• Stickball game performances by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw
• Sun scope viewing with the Tallahassee Astronomical Society (Saturday, 12/15)
• Archery and atlatl (spearthrowing) activities for all ages
• Crafts and other activities for kids
• Drum circle
• Historic cooking and blacksmithing demonstrations
• Food vendors

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Mission San Luis

2100 W. Tennessee St.
Tallahassee, FL 32304
(850) 245-6406