Kirby Family Farm's Lost Railroad

Now -
Oct 27, 2019

19630 NE 30th ST.
Williston, FL 32696
(352) 812-7435


The Lost Railroad is an intense environment with darkness, live insects and reptiles, loud noises, and small spaces! This fundraising event on the farm is NOT recommended for children under 13! Climb aboard our Historical 1800's Locomotive & Railroad, pray the Zombie corpses of the lost Carnies don't find the train as you journey through the darkness. Once you've discovered the Lost Railroad you'll find other things to do including monster bus rides and more. For the really brave, join a search party and hike through the Abandoned Woods where you're likely to encounter the clowns that are said to be so indifferent they don't even like each other! PLEASE read ALL WARNINGS prior to registration!

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