Miracle Swimming for Adults, Inc.- Freestyle Flip Turns Swim class

Oct 14, 2018 -
Oct 20, 2018

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FREESTYLE CLASS & FLIP TURNS OCTOBER 14 - 20, 2018 $1475.00 and REFRESHER Class OCTOBER 19 0 20, 2018 $365.00 Once you know you’re safe and you can maneuver with confidence and ease, you’re ready to learn strokes. The Freestyle class builds on the confidence you learned in the first classes and teaches the sequence of steps needed to put together a whole freestyle: balance, line, kick, propulsion, and breathing at your own pace. Learn turns, drills, swimming toys, and ways to make workouts and lap swimming fun. Yes, once you’re in your body, it only takes a week to learn the freestyle. Learn how to use swimming for exercise (workout construction), lap swimming etiquette, and how to use a pace clock. Daily video of you for maximum feedback. Learn Freestyle and the culture of Lap Swimming. Ten 3-hour classes over 7 days. Discount $75 if you register 4 months early. Prerequisites Must have taken our BEGINNING class. Must understand “being in your body” Must be fully present, confident, and able in shallow water Must be in your body for all “toys” in shallow end (sitting on bottom, falling forward, somersaults, handstands, whale jumps, seal rolls, rolling from front to back and back to front). All of those skills must be done without speed. You may learn open turns or flip turns. If the class you’re taking is in deep water, you must be free in deep water first.

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