Miracle Baseball

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Nov 14, 2019

1158 Dupree Street, Messer Field Park 3
Tallahassee, FL 32304
(850) 201-2944


Athletes with and without disabilities play baseball together. The goal is to be active, have fun, and make new friends in a safe inclusive environment.

The field’s rubberized surface make it accessible and the programs are adapted to enable everyone is to participate on their own level of ability. No one is excluded and adaptive equipment is utilized to ensure participation for all. The games are designed to build confidence and promote physical activity. Each session starts off with a warm-up consisting of various stretches. At the beginning of each sport season, drills may be utilized to allow participants extra practice before beginning the game. Teams are randomly created and buddies find a new friend to assist. Buddies encourage participants, run bases with participants, and enjoy living life through recreation.

Participants benefit by learning valuable lessons that carry over to all other aspects of their lives. For example, participants learn the importance of helping teammates, cooperation, timeliness, encouraging others, which translates into valuable social and job skills needed in future vocational environments. Other benefits include participants thinking critically, solving problems and becoming more selfsufficient in attaining their own transportation, scheduling, and prioritization

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