Great Southern Cafe Sunday Brunch & Family Style Dining

    By Kanika Jelks

    It's that time of year again in Seaside - one of our state's most beautiful coastal villages. A bustling town full of activity all year long, Seaside is most exciting when the village opens to vacationers from all around the world. Right about now is when you'll really start to see the season change at Seaside. Cozy cottage windows fly open and porches fill with people who are sipping sweet tea and watching sunsets.

    You'll love any time you are lucky enough to enjoy in Seaside, whether it is for a long stay of lazy lounging days or a quick shopping day trip.And, while you're there there's one MUST do. You have to grab a bite at the Great Southern Cafe. The best way to understand the delectable family-style dining that happens here is to look at the restaurant's name - it says it all. The Great Southern Cafe is full of family-style dining favorites, with a twist.

    Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Chef Jim serves up a heaping helping of finger-licking food that is made from poduce harvested from local gardens, fresh Florida seafood from the nearby Gulf of Mexico and recipes that are a miz of heirloom legacy and unparalleled chef's training. The result: a delicious meal that will keep you coming back for more.

    We have a tradition down south of making Sunday dinners a big deal. We invite over our loved ones - friends and family alike, sit a spell and enjoy a meal that'smade from the heart. The Great Southern Cafe will give you a chance to eat like we do and enjoy a Sunday dinner that you'll not soon forget.

    It all comes together just right at the Great Southern Cafe - a splash of Southern, in a stew of elegant, island-like living with food and service so divine I can make you a promise my Granddaddy used to always make to me...if you don't have the time of your life - then grits ain't groceries.