Follow Your Sunshine Brand Guidelines
Who We Are

Brand Promise

(Why we do what we do)

Brighten the
Lives of All

Together, we brighten the lives of all. We ensure that people from every walk of life, from everywhere on Earth, experience moments that light up their day so they glow long after they head home. We are part of 1.5 million Floridians who work around the clock making memories possible for those off-the-clock. It’s our smiles & open arms, ideas & innovation, care & welcoming hospitality that transform people each time they visit. We inspire them to get away and get closer. Then invite them to return and do it all again soon.

It’s not just a promise that we make to our visitors, but the purpose that drives us.


(How we do it)

Vacation State

Florida isn’t just a state. It’s a state of mind. It’s where you go to be more relaxed, more carefree, more open to connections, and more ready for fun. But it’s also a mindset you carry with you every day afterward, reminding you that your vacation self is your best self.


Follow Your

We know that different people take vacations for different reasons, seeking experiences that speak to their individual tastes. Follow Your Sunshine encourages travelers to embrace their own version of a Florida vacation, empowering people to let go of their worries, push away the day-to-day grind, and give in to their best instincts, celebrating the part of themselves that’s brightest, warmest, and most inspired.

Look & Feel

A Logo That
Emphasizes Our State

(Without City Name)


The primary logo is to be used in most applications and acts as a call-to-action.

And Its Many Amazing Destinations

(With City Name)


The secondary logo includes the name of the location seen in the photography of an ad.

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Colors Inspired By Florida’s Diverse Beauty

Florida has an array of colors from saturated sunsets and pastel homes in the Keys, to turquoise Central Florida springs, to the vibrant interiors of Flagler College in historic St. Augustine, and the rich street art of Wynwood and St. Petersburg. Our palette celebrates that range and uses our “mid” colors as pops within layout so that the imagery is the focus and travelers can connect and be inspired by it.


CMYK 87 32 69 16
RGB 7 118 96
HEX #077660
CMYK 38 100 22 2
RGB 164 35 117
HEX #A42375


CMYK 70 1 56 0
RGB 65 186 146
HEX #41BA92
CMYK 6 97 0 0
RGB 225 31 143
CMYK 1 50 95 0
RGB 244 146 43
HEX #F4922B
CMYK 5 0 94 0
RGB 252 238 31
CMYK 35 0 99 0
RGB 178 210 54
HEX #B2D236


CMYK 16 0 13 0
RGB 213 236 224
CMYK 2 12 0 0
RGB 245 226 239
CMYK 3 10 16 0
RGB 246 227 210
CMYK 3 2 26 0
RGB 247 240 198
CMYK 9 0 36 0
RGB 235 240 182

Welcoming Type That’s Familiar But Fresh

Our brand is modern and approachable and so is our typography. Henderson Sans is our primary font and represents the casual Florida vacation state of mind. We also have a stylized version with a unique shadow effect that makes the type pop off the page. Finally, we have a textured script font for our city lockups and other call-outs that emulates handwriting to add a personal touch.


Follow Your Sunshine

Headlines / subheads

Henderson Sans







Body Copy









City Names / Quotes

Authenia Textured




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Capturing Real Emotion

Our photography needs to represent Florida’s diversity of locations and activities as well as the diversity of our visitors. Images must capture the rich emotion brought about by a Florida vacation while still capturing the beautiful surroundings.

Photography Examples



Capturing real moments that show connection, surprise, freedom, joy, relaxation, and discovery



Showing the backdrop and textures of the vacation state


The bright colors of Florida and the ability to feel the literal sunshine



A destination for everyone from everywhere on earth



So much more than beaches and theme parks

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A Voice That Goes Where the Sunshine Leads

For writing within the Follow Your Sunshine brand, our voice is driven by simple, reactive, emotional truths. While our tone is upbeat, playful and bright, our lines should not be overly clever, but rather find their humor, warmth and smile in relatable responses to situations. We’re always looking for ways to explore the emotional depth of a moment, and encouraging our audience to embrace their instincts on vacation. If while writing, you’re looking at an image and asking yourself, “what would the subject be feeling or thinking in this moment?” you’re on the right track.

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Right here. Right now.

In layout, we bring all the elements together to create a light and spacious look that lets our photography shine. Our new system is flexible and allows layouts to tell short and long stories. A subtle design element like rounded corners harkens to family photo albums while still modern. And the layered photo style creates an emotional connection while providing locational context and telling more of the story.

Ad Examples
Ad Examples
Ad Examples
Ad Examples

A Unified Brand Passion and Vision for Florida

Together, we can ensure that Florida speaks with a consistent voice and that we share the Sunshine State’s story in just the right light. Just as this brand has been developed through collaboration, it can only succeed if we work together to maintain it.

Questions about the brand? Please contact the Creative Services team or your account lead.