Chihuly - English (Rein/Knowlera)

    Artist Dale Chihuly's Surreal Flights of Fancy in St. Petersburg

    By Knowlera

    You've never seen anything like Dale Chihuly's glass art. Delicate pieces of blown glass sprout from the ground like plants, squat like sea life and hang in midair like frozen fireworks, forcing you to rethink the way you've always thought about glass. Famous worldwide, his first permanent collection found a home on St. Petersburg's downtown waterfront, within walking distance of the blown glass hot shop at the Morean Arts Center and just down the street from the Salvador Dalí Museum, home to the largest collection of that artist's work outside Europe. Round the day out with a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts across the street, and take in a little taste of the past at the St. Petersburg Museum of History.