Top 5 Orlando Blogs

    By Rachelle Lucas

    Part of being an Insider is knowing where to get the scoop on local events and tasty new restaurants. I'll let you in on my secret... I read, tweet and meet up with the brains behind the best Orlando, Florida blogs. Here's a little guide to my local Orlando friends who keep me in the know.

    My Top 5 Favorite Local Orlando Blogs:

    1. The Daily City

    If you want to find the next Food Truck Pod or Food Truck Bazaar, The Daily City knows where they're at! In addition to food trucks, I always check their site to find fun entertainment and improv venues and events.


    2. Tasty Chomps

    Voted best local Orlando food blog by the Orlando Sentinel Orbbie Awards in 2010, this local is always reviewing Orlando restaurants and writing about current discounts and deals.


    3. Da Foodie

    In addition to Tasty Chomps, Da Foodie is a great place to go when you can't decide what to eat. Kind of like a local version of, Da Foodie allows you to browse pictures of food and then Google map it if you would like to eat there. They even have an iPhone app to make it easy to use on the road.


    4. Central Florida Top 5

    Bess is always in the know of all the events happening in Orlando. There is usually so much going on, it's hard to choose just one thing!  She breaks down the top five events in different categories to help make your decision making over weekend fun just a bit easier. 


    5. DIS Unplugged

    DIS stands for 'Disney' Unplugged. This is an "unofficial" Disney blog. From special events to new attractions, this blog is a local's guide to everything theme park related.