5 Reasons to Fly with Bob's Hot Air Balloon Rides in Orlando

    By Lauren Tjaden

    When you’re in the Orlando area, a flight with Bob’s Hot Air Balloon Rides is a not-to-be-missed treat. Here are five reasons you should go.

    1. Ballooning is gloriously beautiful. Typically you fly in the early morning, when mist is swirling on the fields and the world is peaceful and quiet. Often other balloons float nearby. And when you see your balloon reflected in a pond below -- well, it’s like a dream.

    2. You won’t get motion sickness. Since you're flying at exactly the same speed as the wind, flying in a balloon feels like you're standing in your living room.

    3. You can relax.  The pilots at Bob’s are pros -- fully insured and FAA licensed. In 20 years of hot air ballooning, Bob’s has been incident free.

    4. It’s yummy. At the end of the flight, you’ll feast on a champagne brunch with the property owners wherever the balloon lands.

    5. It’s utterly unique. The entire adventure of ballooning -- from choosing a suitable launching place, to inflating the balloon, to the celebration afterward -- is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

      And, have you ever picked a pine cone from the top of a tree? I did on my flight, and I still have it.

      If you go...
      Bob's Hot Air Balloon Rides
      1 877 824 4606 or, in Orlando, 407 466 6380