Mount Dora’s Barrel of Books and Games

    By Gary McKechnie

    I remember one time in the middle of the depths of the recession (or depression, depending on how badly you were affected) that I was sitting on a bench in a store with a book (I always carry one with me) when someone passed by and said, “Now there’s a very rich man.”

    I looked up to see who that person was talking about, and was surprised it was me. The stranger explained “You find pleasure in something as simple as reading a book, so you will always be a very rich man.”

    That always stuck with me and now every time I see someone reading, I think that they are rich like me. All of this leads to Barrel of Books and Games in Mount Dora. I’ve lived here for 21 years now and it’s a town that seems custom designed for an independent bookstore, and Crissy Stile and Elena Jarrett have created one where “rich people” – people that love to read – can shop for books, board games, collectibles, more games, fantastic toys, fabulous games, and lunchboxes.

    They opened in a small space in 2011 and are moving into a much larger store where readers and bibliophiles can gather. How do you know it’s a bookstore? Look at the monumental bookshelf created by artist Amy Sellers.

    Being a retailer is tough. Selling books today is tougher. Doing both and doing it well is amazing. If you come to Mount Dora, stop by. Not only are there books and games, there are always special events and appearances by local and nationally-recognized authors such as Gilbert King, Randy Wayne White, Andrea Beaty, Robert Macomber and many, many more.

    If you’re in Mount Dora, come and celebrate the art of writing – and reading -- at Barrel of Books and Games.


    128 W 4th Avenue
    Mount Dora
    (352) 735-1950

    Barrel of Books and Games

    Artist Amy Sellers working on the new facade of Barrel of Books.

    - Barrel of Books and Games

    Barrel 1.jpg

    Barrel of Books and Games is relocating to a larger location in the Mount Dora shopping village.

    - Barrel of Books and Games

    Mount Dora’s Barrel of Books and Games

    The store's new facade features classic book titles

    - Barrel of Books and Games

    Barrel 3.jpg

    The world's biggest bookshelf? Who knows? But artist Amy Sellers created this magnifcent mural on the front of the new Barrel of Books.

    - Barrel of Books