Photo Hot Spots in Miami’s Design District

    By: Stephanie Be


    What do you think when you hear “Miami?” 

    Sure, the most international city in the United States boasts beaches, nightlife, fast cars, Cuban food and street art, but Miami’s charm goes far beyond South Beach and Wynwood. 

    After many trips to Miami, I finally explored the Miami Design District and — why didn’t I know of this place before? 

    I expected a strip of esteemed shopping and restaurants — not the most esteemed shopping, restaurants and architecture and contemporary art, and each and every one a perfect backdrop for a photo. If you’re looking great Miami photography locations, consider the Design District — whether you're taking a casual selfie or doing a professional photo shoot.


    3841 NE 2nd Ave., #300

    Miami, Fla., 33137

    The Moore Building boasts a white web of interior design. With "Elastika," a permanent art installation created by Iraqi-born, London-based architect Zaha Hadid, the Moore Building is a popular venue for events. It's also my top pick for Miami Design District photo spots. 


    140 NE 39th Street

    Miami, Fla., 33137 

    An electric blue, this icy two-story building bridges nature and architecture in Palm Court. It's the center to many Miami District shops, individual art pieces, and plays host to various events including concerts, yoga and workshops.


    140 NE 39th Street

    Miami, Fla., 33137

    Within the Miami Design District shops, you'll find the most iconic of its artwork: the Fly’s Eye Dome by Buckminster Fuller. Framed by palm trees and a breeze, you’re free to browse outside the dome or explore the staircase inside.  Need to shop in rain or shine? Borrow a Miami Design District umbrella, available inside the Fly's Eye Dome.

    You might also like the area of hanging chairs, just upstairs from the Fly's Eye Globe:

    ‘Netscape’ Installation

    140 NE 39th Street

    2nd Floor Terrace

    Miami, Fla., 33137

    sidewalk wall at the Miami Design District

    - Jerry Kestel @Witness_X

    inside the fly's eye dome at the Miami design district

    - Andrew Hektor @AndrewHektor

    outside of the Fly's eye dome Miami design district

    - Jerry Kestal @Witness_X


    150 NE 40th Street

    Miami, Fla., 33137

    Orange by day, purple by night, the walkway to Fendi is calling your name. Designed by architect Johanna Grawunde, the path also leads to the famous Kate Moss statue.

    If you enjoy the Fendi Colonnade and Miami Design District architecture, you might also like:

    DASH Fence

    4001 NE 2nd Avenue

    Miami, Fla., 33137


    150 NE 40th Street

    Miami, Fla., 33137

    Any Kate Moss fans out there? Let's be honest, Marc Quinn's bronze sculpture is probably as close as you'll ever get to one of fashion's most beloved models.If you liked this, then you might also like: 

    ‘Le Corbusier’ Bust

    140 NE 39th Street

    Miami, Fla., 33137


    NE 38th Street between NE 2nd Avenue and NE 1st Avenue

    Miami, Fla., 33137


    NE 38th between NE 1ST Ave and North Miami Ave.

    Without hesitation, I declare this the best parking garage I've seen so far. Consider checking out the City View Garage for a crazy sunset and its bright mural floors.

    city view garage in Miami

    Stephanie Be for VISIT FLORIDA

    - Unknown

    myth Fortuna Sculpture

    - Stephanie Be for VISIT FLORIDA

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