Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Perks Up Jacksonville

    By CycleHere Media

    Coffee is a process, beginning with farmers who grow it. Bold Bean Coffee Roasters' small-batch, artisanal approach to roasting brings out the best flavor in each batch of beans. In the summer of 2007, the owners started out with little more than a roaster and the desire to turn a bunch of raw beans into outstanding coffee. The cafe opened its doors in 2010. And today?

    Today, they'd be the first ones to tell you there's no such thing as the perfect cup of coffee. Every batch of beans has its own nuance, requiring experience and care to turn it into the best cup it can be. Coffee can't be perfected — it provides a never-ending quest for perfection. 

    And if you want to taste what happens when someone who's genuinely excited about that quest fixes you a cup of coffee … well, stop by.