7 Amazing Sunsets Captured on Clearwater Beach

    By Kara Franker

    Local Clearwater Beach photographer Lexi Morgan showcases the many colors of a beach sunset on the Gulf of Mexico.

    "In Clearwater Beach, the sunsets are some of the most breathtaking I have ever experienced in the world and it's here in my backyard," says Lexi. "Everyday this paradise presents us with a magnitude of picturesque moments and no two are ever the same."

    7 Amazing Sunsets Captured on Clearwater Beach by Lexi Morgan:

    1. Sun in the Surf

    Sunset Clearwater Beach

    2. Night Sky at Pier 60

    Pier 60 - Clearwater Beach

    3. Romance on the Water


    4. Cool Reflections


    5. Triumphant Glory

    DSC_2024 2

    6. Come Sail Away


    7. Palm Tree Paradise


    For more info about Lexi Morgan's photography, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @ThePeskyPelican.