How to Do Florida: Swimming With Dolphins

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Chad Crawford and his son see and touch a Florida superstar, the bottlenose dolphin, at Marineland near St. Augustine.


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I thought that was very cool :D
Hi I would like to find where can I get ticket swim with dolphin and I am not very good to which list, that can swim with dolphin. In Marine land Florida. We will coming on March Break from March 12 - 18. Thinking to stop by Marine land on March 18.
For General price and what to do?
Which one list for swim with dolphin and what to do? We would love to get in water and swim with dolphin. And how long in swim with dolphin and what to do after done with dolphin?
How much for this?
I am learning that, we are from Canada and we will driving up to Florida for our March Break.
We are all deaf family, we love to meet dolphin.
Price for list and what to do?

Alain Sauve
Joanne Sauve
Teisha Sauve

Owen Sauve 11
Vaylena Sauve 9

Hope to hear from you very soon let me know and thank you