Clearwater Marine Aquarium's Winter, Dolphin and Movie Star

By: Kristy Andersen


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Winter the Dolphin, star of the movie 'Dolphin Tale,' lives at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Winter swims with a prosthetic tail and the movie about her triumphs has struck a chord with adults and kids of all types who identify with the young dolphin's struggles. The movie's success has enabled the Aquarium to expand its operation into a separate facility that showcases props and scenes from the movie.


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Charlotte Bunyan
Charlotte Bunyan May 27, 2013 11:05 PM
i want to bring my granddaughter down this summer , we live in Ocala, florida, i could not find, infromation on days. admission or directions.. please lead me to the correct site..

loved the movie, it inspired me to want bring her down to meet "Winter."..

thank you Charlotte Bunyan
My granddaughter wants to swim with the dolphins the week of April 13-19/2014. I would like information on dates, times and cost. Thank you for any information you can give me.
How fare are you from fort myers fl. I am comeing in jan 8-15 was, woulding how fare you are to come there mybe to see that d, i have read her book and also have see the movie too.