Up, Up and Away with JetLev, Florida's First Public Jet Pack Experience

By: Rafael Lima


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Take a ride with Rafael Lima as he checks out the water jet pack, an experience you can try in several locations across Florida. Produced by Trevor Green. Special Thanks to Zainojet.com for providing and operating the JetLev equipment and David Graham for video footage.


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Welcome to Zainojet. We promise to provide you with a breathtaking flight experience on a state-of-the-art watercraft that meets aircraft. You could become your own pilot within minutes. Safety is a priority and we are committed to training and development on a routine basis. Be one of the first to enjoy this exciting adventure. Happy flying! We also sell gift certificates, so call our office to inquire about them!
I am really hoping you can assist me....
I have some good friends coming to stay in the area near Winter Haven in October of this year and they are keen to try a Jet Pack experience - can you advise if it would be possible to do this at Winter Haven please ?
Thank you.
Brian Hogben