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Tenoroc Fish Management Area Trails


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Pit lakes and steep-sided spoil mounds, the result of phosphate mining in the 1960s and 1970s, have been transformed into wooded hills for hiking and horseback riding. There are easy trips on flat terrain and more challenging hikes on hilly terrain. Two loop trails in Tenoroc's main unit are available for horseback riding. The 3.5-mile North Trail and the 4.4-mile South Trail are accessible from the Tenoroc Office and parking area. Water and space for trailer parking are available here. (Hikers may use the horseback trails, but dogs are not permitted.) The Saddle Creek Trails are not open for horseback riding.  

  • Designation:
  • Geographic Trail,
  • Trail Information:
  • Length of Trail (in miles) 15.6, Unpaved,

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1 comment
Very nice trail but the north side seems very run down, while the south side is more maintained.
The views from the south side are also spectacular and the rolling hills provide a change of scenery not often found in Florida. And this trail manages to stay not very crowded, if I recall correctly I only saw one or two people while hiking.

Overall a very nice trail I will return to again and again.
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