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Spruce Creek Paddling Trail


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Paddlers begin their journey from a wide brackish bay, but as they head north, the creek narrows and wide marshy expanses give way to shoreline trees. Historically, a large indigenous Native American habitation was nestled around the Spruce Creek basin. A prehistoric earthen works, the Spruce Creek Mound, is located on the creek. The site functioned as a major ceremonial and political center for the Timucua Indians. Lesser mounds are scattered throughout surrounding areas.

Due to its scenic nature, Spruce Creek is one of Florida's state-designated paddling trails.

  • Designation:
  • Geographic Trail,
  • Trail Information:
  • Additional Notes Launch from Spruce Creek Park only at high tide. Because of deep mud, the ramp is unusable at low tide. Strickland Bay Bridge or Spruce Creek Outfitters can be accessed at any tide. The trip is the same distance, regardless of access choice., Difficulty Easy, Length of Trail (in miles) 16

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