Betz-Tiger Point Preserve Trails

By: Kevin Mims


Located near Jacksonville, Betz Tiger Point Preserve offers visitors a chance to take in broad panoramas of saltwater marsh, view wildlife, or enjoy a few hours of quiet refection in a natural setting. Several multi use trails provide a gateway into the preserve. 

Betz Tiger Point Preserve is approximately 550 acres, and is owned by the City of Jacksonville. Frequently, you may have the place entirely to yourself, as visitation numbers seem low. 

By The Numbers

Three trails make up the bulk of the network at Betz Tiger Point Preserve. All three are generally flat and easy, without any major obstacles. On the map, there are a series of connector trails (Red Trails) that allow for you to connect the three trails together.

Yellow Trail: 3.4 miles

Orange Trail: 6 miles

Blue Trail: .8 miles

What to Bring

Depending on the weather, the insects near the salt marsh can be a little bad. Make sure to bring along insect spray, sunscreen and wear weather-appropriate clothing. Water, restrooms  and a picnic pavilion are located at the parking area.

More Information

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