Whooping Cranes Arrive in Florida


The cranes are here! The cranes are here! This is exciting news especially since we didn't get to see whoopers at a flyover event in 2011. If you recall the Operation Migration folks had some issues with the FAA last year. That's all in the past and this year things seem to be moving along smoothly.

Good news craniacs – according to Operation Migration we can expect a flyover event at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge as early as Friday. This is the only flyover event for 2012 so don't miss out. 

The flyover event happens at San Marcos de Apalache State Park in St. Marks. Keep checking www.operationmigration.org for updates and directions to the flyover location can be found at www.floridastateparks.org/sanmarcos.

For a general idea of what happens at a flyover event check out my video from 2010 at the Dunnellon Airport in Marion County. If you attend this year's event feel free to share photos with me on the VISIT FLORIDA Outdoors and Nature Facebook page. Have fun!

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