Going Birding? Take Part in FWC's Wings Over Florida Program


Everyone likes awards, right? I know I do, especially if it has it's anything related to the outdoors. I'm pretty certain I'm not the only one that feels this way, either.

Allow me to introduce you to the Great Florida Birding Trail's Wings Over Florida program. Wings Over Florida is an incentive program to motivate you to identify as many native birds as possible here in the Sunshine State, and it's available to both residents and visitors. 

The Wings Over Florida program consists of five achievement levels, and you are awarded a certificate as you progress. The beginner level starts at 50 Florida birds and goes all the way up to 350 species. That's the Elite level. When you reach that, consider yourself a black belt birder. 

Teachers, get those youngsters involved in birding by taking part in the Junior Birder program. It's designed for third and fourth graders and comes with a guide to introduce 50 species of birds. When students can identify 15 species, they are awarded with a hummingbird certificate. 

Find out more about the Wings Over Florida program by visiting www.floridabirdingtrail.com. You can print checklists, download the hummingbird certificate and all the resource materials for the Junior Birder program, too. Get out there and go birding! 

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