Your Mom Wants to Go to The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens


It's that time of year again: Your mom gave me a call to remind you that instead of a card with the canned poem (mom's not dumb, she knows you can't write like that) and a big box of candy, she really wants you to do something special for her. Skip all that silly corporate stuff and go for something from the heart already, won't you? Mom deserves it.

You can start off by whisking her over to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens, where she can spend the day checking out more than 400 different animals, from cheetahs to American crocodiles. The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens is also involved in lots of conservation projects, such as teaming up with the cool folks from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Florida Museum of Natural History to mitigate the decline of native amphibian populations. Great stuff.

A trip to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens isn't complete without spending some time at the ZOOm Air Adventure Park, where you and mom will zip along an aerial adventure course, conquering rope bridges and other interesting cable-based platforms high in the treetops. The two of you will discuss how this zipline is nothing at all like that shoddy contraption that you and your younger brother devised out of a section of rope and the pulley from a clothesline some years ago. She's having so much fun that you will probably be forgiven for the time you took the car (without permission, of course) and brought it back with a big dent in the front driver's side fender. Sorry, mom.

Those might have been examples from my childhood (wink, wink), or perhaps yours. Either way, the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a terrific choice for a Mother's Day outing. Find out more by visiting Have a blast!

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