Tampa Twins Cause Cuteness Overload! Smile-Worthy Pictures of Busch Gardens’ Mongoose Lemurs


If you’re in need of a smile (and who isn’t?), take a peek at these Busch Gardens babies. The mongoose lemur twins were born April 6, 2012. Lemur twins are uncommon, so you can imagine how excited everyone is about this pair’s arrival.

Busch Gardens zoo staff aren’t sure yet if the new babies are male or female, since mongoose lemurs look the same at birth. However, I can tell you this much – they are off-the-charts adorable! Look at their little eyes!

Want to see the baby lemurs for yourself?

Of course you do!

Just roll over to Tampa. You’ll find the babies at Busch Gardens’ Curiosity Caverns, located near Jambo Junction and the Nairobi Train Station.

Trivia Question~ Do the baby lemurs sound like:

(A)    Horses neighing
(B)    Pigs oinking
(C)    Cows mooing


(Answer: B)

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