What It’s Like to Hang Glide: Awesome Slide Show!


What's it like to hang glide?

Before you go, sometimes your mouth gets dry and your heart beats faster. When you takeoff, you get airborne very, very fast, and the earth shrinks beneath you into a patchwork of farms and swamps and lakes. Sometimes the air is perfumed with oranges, and it’s so sweet and vivid you can taste it in your mouth. Usually it’s colder and sharper as you fly higher, slicing through the layers of the sky.

It’s close to the flying you do in your dreams, where your arms are outstretched and you magically shift with the currents of the sky. And it’s beautiful. It can be so beautiful. Take a peek at my little slide show and you’ll see why it’s time to fly.

Don’t you think it’s time for you to fly, too?

You can try hang gliding– at Quest Air Hang Gliding in Groveland (west of Orlando), where this was filmed, as well as these other Sunshine State locations:

Insider’s Disclosure: My hubby manages Quest Air Hang Gliding.

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