Zoo Miami's New Parrot Feeding Adventure


Zoo Miami has a brand new exhibit that my kids can’t wait to experience – it’s called "Wings Down Under: A Parrot Feeding Adventure."

Talk about hands on – or perhaps it’s more WINGS on – because you can have birds all over you (if you want!).

Imagine – you walk into this huge aviary that’s an open fly zone for over 300 brightly colored birds including cockatiels, parakeets and rosellas, all parrots native to Australia. Then, for $3, you can purchase a seed snack to feed them. This is where the hands-on interaction comes in. These friendly birds will fly and perch on your arms, hands, shoulders (and sometimes heads!) in order to nibble on the treats you have. So fun!

In addition to being a fun exhibit, it's also a learning experience. You’ll find friendly Zoo staff that can answer your questions and they’ll gladly tell you about the different birds and their habitat, behaviors and more.

The exhibit is open daily from noon to 4:30 pm. Don’t forget your camera. You are sure to get priceless photos!

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